5 Essential Oil Blends to Keep You Healthy This Summer

1. Tick Repellent Blend

If you live in an area where ticks are common, then you know that these tiny creatures
can cause a lot of trouble. This blend naturally repels ticks and is suitable for anyone
over the age of 2. Simply combine 6 drops of each of the following oils and dilute with 4
oz. of the carrier oil of your choice.
– Vetiver
– Clove
– Oregano
– Ylang Ylang
– Citrus oil (of your choice)

Combine in a spray bottle to keep on hand!

2. Bug Spray Blend

One of the worst parts about summer can be all of the mosquitos buzzing around. This non-
toxic bug spray blend will let you spend those cool evenings outside without having to worry
about bug bites!
– Equal parts water and witch hazel
– 10 drops citronella
– 10 drops lemongrass
– 10 drops tea tree
– 5 drops lavender
– 5 drops peppermint

Combine in a spray bottle to keep on hand!

3. “After Sun” Blend

The sad truth is that with summer, comes sunburns. This natural blend will help soothe any
existing sunburns for those of us who aren’t always the best at remebering to re-apply.
– 2 tbsp. Fractioned coconut oil
– 1 tbsp. Witch hazel
– 8 drops lavender
– 8 drops tea tree
– 4 drops frankincense
– 4 drops copaiba

Combine and store in a small glass bottle (or container).

4. Wound/Scatch Healing Blend

The great summer weather usually means we spend a lot more time outdoors, whether
we’re hiking trails, swimming, camping, or biking. Sometimes we take an occasional tumble,
and this blend aids in healing any open wounds or scratches collected on your summer
– 2 tbsp. Fractioned coconut oil
– 2 drops oregano
– 2 drops helichrysum
– 2 drops lavender
– 2 drops frankincense

Combine and apply to any wounds! This is especially great for applying just before you put on a
bandaid (think natural Neosporin).

5. Muscle Soothing Blend

If you didn’t take an accidental tumble on your summer bike ride, you might *at least* be
feeling the after affects of that pretty summer hike (hello, sore muscles). This blend will
soothe sore muscles, and is great for post-workout relief!
– Carrier oil of choice
– 9 drops peppermint
– 5 drops clove
– 9 drops eucalyptus
– 6 drops ginger

Combine in a glass roller bottle and use as needed.


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