Finding Your Summer Rhythm

Summer is arguably one of the best seasons of the year. The days are longer (and warmer),
school is out, popsicles are everywhere, and a lot of people just seem happier. Maybe this is
due to all of the sunshine, or maybe its because those people have figured out the balance in
their lives that is rhythm. For me, an ideal rhythm is one that is grounding, but also provides me
with the freedom to pursue my interests. This could be picking up a new book, planting a new
herb, or finaly learning how to cross-stitch. As we enter summer, I’ve been re-evaluating what it
is that I hold dear to my heart in terms of finding my rhythm. This is my list, and I hope it will
inspire you to dig deep and find a summer rhythm that works for you, too.

Nourishing Body + Mind:

I love to bake. Baking gives me a chance to escape from the “real world” for a bit and slip into
my own headspace. It can be very theraputic, I think. While I love baking as a way to relax, it is
also a great time to pull up a chair and allow the little ones to join in (though this choice might
not be as theraputic). This summer, I am looking forward to perfecting the perfect pie. Stay
tuned for that!

Get Outside:

Summer is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and those you love. Going for walks,
bike rides, picnics, or even camping trips are all great ways to spend these beautiful months
outdoors. Take a dip in the ocean (or lake), go on a hike, or just enjoy a bonfire with friends. I
am always up for s’mores!

Reserve Quiet Moments Just For You:

The summer months mean longer days, and at times, this can feel daunting. If you are juggling
multiple kiddos at home on summer break, you might agree. This is why reserving tiny moments
for yourself throughout the day is so crucial. Wake up 10 minutes earlier to savor those easrly
mornings alone, or whip up a breakfast that consists of something more than your everyday
yogurt or bowl of cereal. And yes, hiding in the bathroom for two extra minutes can most
definitely be classified under “self-care”. I promise these small moments will feel like little

Indulge in a Slower Pace of Living:

Summer camps, sports, play dates, vacations, sleepovers. Though summer is supposed to be a
time for relaxation and fun, sometimes it can feel like anything but. This is why I give myself the
permission to indulge in the slower pace of living, when I can. Hanging linens to dry in the sun,
planting herbs and watching them grow, taking a nap, or getting lost in a “just because” book
are all ways I give this time back to myself.


Summer can feel like quite the balancing act, but its so, so sweet. These moments are fleeting,
and next summer, kids will be bigger and things will look different. Soak up all of that sunshine
(but wear suncreen), and enjoy all that these next few months have to offer!



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