The Importance of Slowing Down: A Gentle Reminder

The days drag on, but the months and years fly by. Between work, raising kiddos, or even just
performing everyday tasks (anyone else despise laundry?), it is easy to postpone (or flatout
forget) the care that we need to be showing ourselves. When we are being pulled in multiple
directions (if you’re a mother, this might be more literal than you’d prefer), our focus simply isn’t
on what we need or want. It is possible to love your kids with every fiber of your being and still
feel drained. You can enjoy your job and still feel burnt out, tired, or uninspired.

Caring for and working with others can be extremely demanding, and it is important that we give oursleves the same grace that we extend to others. Once we’re empty, we can no longer provide to the best of our ability, so it is truly crucial that we are loving ourselves as well as we love those around
us. Below are some simple ways in which you can reconnect with yourself, even if its after the kids go to bed, or before you head off to work (or both). Self-care, folks! Do it.


Never underestimate the power of a good bath. Hot water can cure just about
everything, in my opinion. But really. Light some candles, toss in a fun bath bomb
(“French Kiss” from LUSH is my absolute favorite), and relax. Wine optional, but highly


When we’re busy doing for others, the days can feel rushed. I’ve been so busy at times
that by the time I can sit down & take a deep breath at the end of the day, I literally can’t
remember what I did. Everything just melds together. All I know is that is was a wild and
busy day. Keeping a little journal on you 24/7 is a simple way to jot down important
thoughts or sweet memories whenever they happen. A beautiful journal like those from
Promptly Journals (@promptlyjournals) would make a great mother’s day gift as well!
*hint hint*

Treat yourself to something nice

I know, I know. “Material items are not self-care”. While self-care does entail working on
your heart and mind, sometimes a gift to yourself can help jumpstart that process. I
overheard a mom on Instagram recently saying that she tossed out all of her old
underwear and replaced it with all brand new pairs. While it might sound silly and kinda
ridiculous, it’s the little things in life. Consider treating yourself to a little luxury this
month, whatever it may be.

Get outside

Fresh air and sunshine are goooood for the soul. Take the kiddos on a picnic date to the park, or go on a family walk around the neighborhood. Take advantage of that natural vitamin D and let the little ones run amuck. If you live near mountains or beaches, consider a weekend trip to enjoy what your area has to offer.


Life is hard work. Sometimes you just need a good, deep breath. Don’t underestimate the power of monitoring your breath and taking a second to collect and ground yourself. You’ll be glad you did! If you’re super busy, apps like Calm (it’s free!) can help you remember to pay attention to your body and be mindful of its sometimes complex emotions and feelings.


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